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Monday, September 10, 2012

Film Still and Drawing from "It Is," I

As begun in my prior post this summer, I wanted to share one of the projects I worked on over this summer, shown in a beginning of the year exhibit at MSU.  You can find details in the linked post above, or, if your eyes are good, in the wall text photographed!

The guts of this thing are as follows:  first a layer of masonite lined with tinfoil, with a hole drilled in to feed the electrical cord to 4 feet of LED rope lights.  I made another version using warm fluorescents but it didn't achieve the depth that the rope lights did.  This is all then sandwiched between a layer of plexi with the protective film left on to cloud and diffuse the light.  Then paper shapes adhered at varying depths to create the shadows, followed by the layer of plexi that has the photograph (printed on self-adhesive backlight sign material - thanks to photographer extraordinaire and all-around-go-to-guy John Vigg!).  On top of all that is the final layer of plexi, etched by hand on both sides (so that the parallax effect of viewing would give a subtle motion to the crosshatching that would suggest the dynamics of the video).  All this was housed in fluted door moulding with a notch cut in the bottom to feed the wire out the back and down to the outlet.

 Thus begins my exploration of the techno-sublime, and the second year of this MFA program!

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