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Friday, May 24, 2013

Unknowing the Unknowable: Visual Apophasis and the Techno-Sublime

EDIT: With the release of a second edition, this page is now defunct. 
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Unknowing the Unknowable:
Visual Apophasis and the Techno-Sublime

A New Artist Monograph by Eric Valosin, 2013

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A monograph of the work of artist Eric Valosin. Using light and projection with painting, drawing, and new media, his work carves out a new territory for mystical experience in a contemporary context. Can we hope for a resurrection scene after its been curtains for Nietzsche's God? Can we hear echoes of Eckhart in a world whose space is more often cyber than sacred? This book dives into the world opened by Valosin's art, featuring images, writing, and interviews that explore the terrain of this new paradigm.

Like the artist's work itself, the book merges the digital and analogue worlds, expanding outward into cyberspace via QR codes. A digital version (interactive PDF) is also available.

Physical Description:

Print Version:
Paperback Book with QR code hyperlinks
Size: 9"wide x 7"tall 
Pages: 91, Full Color

Digital Version:
Interactive PDF with internal/external hyperlinks; QR codes converted to clickable buttons
Size: 12.7 MB
Pages: 93


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