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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It works!!

I'm ecstatically relieved to report that my latest QR mandala drawing (the last post about which you can find here) does indeed function!! It's one of those scary things you can't actually test to see if it works until you're far enough along in the process to not be able to do much about it if it doesn't work! I essentially had to rely on a photoshop mockup of the essential elements, a steady hand, and my knowledge of the parameters of QR construction and pray for the best.

I'm reminded of the Alethic creation of Greek pottery, in which the craftsman uses a blind etching process so that he actually can't see the outcome of his drawings until after the pot is fired and the contrasting values come out in the heat. It's an enactment of the revealing/concealing nature of Aletheia, the Greek concept of Truth (which, thanks to Heidegger, is also seen to be a compelling postmodern Judeo-Christian model of truth as well when revisited in a new light...), in which even the maker is partially unaware of the true nature of what he makes.
I still have quite a bit of work to do... thinking about adding some peripheral elements outside of the QR code itself to create an 8 point star shape, but at least now I can rest assured that it will indeed scan! Happy day!

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