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Friday, February 7, 2014


I've had several buns in the oven lately, one of which is a pretty interesting opportunity at the Rochester Center for Contemporary Art called 6x6x2014. All submissions are 6" x 6" works that will be hung anonymously and sold for $20. Only upon purchase will the artist be revealed. They have a history of doing this each year and deliberately attracting a range of artists, from school children to blue chippers (they have a list of the most notable people who have participated).

This type of art market institutional critique is gaining traction - I first heard of it being used in a drawing show in Europe a few years back, and many other galleries have tried their hand at the anonymous egalitarian thing since.

Here are some shots of my buns (not those! the ones from the metaphor above! geez), still being baked:

A 6x6 gray card erasure drawing

Prepping a board

Making a version of the QR code Eckhart quote used for the back cover of my monograph
Just about ready to graphite transfer onto the board...

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