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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

En-light-ening Imagery.

Some more progress on my Pushbutton Prayer Bead For() Loop Computer Meditation project.

(lightspeed recap [pardon the pun]: a for() loop is like the meditative rosary prayer of a computer. I'm trying to make prayer beads where each bead is a pushbutton that "meditates" on the color of a pixel in an image, looping through the whole image in a sort of computerized rosary prayer, and filling the room with that color as you go)

I've successfully translated my pushbutton LED color test sketch from Arduino to Processing (using the Arduino/Firmata library), which means I can start playing around with the visual display and image control alongside the hardware input/output.

My original plan was to use pushbuttons to control the color of the light in a room through the use of LEDs, but it suddenly occurred to me... I may not even need a bazillion LED's like I feared (though I might go that route anyway). I could theoretically output the color to a processing display window that is merely flooded into the room via digital projection instead of physical lights. The only hang up would be networking multiple projectors if one doesn't cut it, which I don't quite know about yet. Stuff to ponder...

...but in any case...

I can now control both the color of the LED and the color of the "pixel" on the screen by use of the pushbutton switch (cycling between 3 colors - I chose red green and blue for ease of troubleshooting)

Next, to make it cycle through the actual colors of the pixels in an image instead of pre-chosen colors. for this test, I chose a 100x100px thumbnail of my Meditation 1.1 drawing, and wrote a code to manually loop through every pixel (replicating the automated process of a for() loop), advancing one pixel every time the button is pressed. The RGB of that pixel then gets output to the "pixel" on the right side of the screen and the LED (though they all look slightly bluish in this video).

In my next studio session with this project I'll be looking to somehow highlight on the leftmost image what pixel is being displayed, and then maybe play around with easing in/out of the color (rather than it disappearing suddenly when the button is released).

Getting there, slowly but surely!

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