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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Whole New World

For the culmination of our Worldmaking class, we had an exhibit of all of the research, diagrams, writings, experiments, etc that went into the class.  This includes a great deal of the stuff that's been plaguing my conceptual imagination of late, so I thought it bears sharing here's my little installation:

You can follow the map through stages of experimentation from my Reality Recomposition Machine,  Time/Space Slicing experiments, diagrams and word lists, theses, and the application of these to the whole of my practice, resulting in the following VERY helpful diagram...  Iain showed us this conceptual flow chart artist Mark Dion developed that outlines the connections of the things he's interested in:

So following suit, here is my diagram.  Creating this was one of the more illuminating activities of my MFA studies so far, to be honest.

Oh so much more investigating to do.  But look at that: after all this, it does indeed seem like I have discovered a bit of the world my art has opened up to me.

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