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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Progress at the Walsh Gallery

Today I had what I hope to be a relative breakthrough for the site-specificity of my UnKnowledge project for the Walsh Gallery. It just so happens that the bulk of the light that interferes with my projection installation comes through the windows, reflected off of 5 or 6 large white columns outside. As the sun moves over the building the illuminated columns fall into shade one by one.  By that token, time can actually be measured 'digitally' in a way by the columns being 'on' or 'off.' Around 3pm (or 3 dark columns, if measuring time by the building) the light remains relatively stable inside until before sunset (or "blue-yellow time" as once put by color-specialist and lay-phenomenologist, artist Kristen Brandoff).

So, as of now I'm aiming for the piece to be constantly variable, its color shifting depending on the light throughout the day, until that moment when it all of a sudden it clicks together, grays out, and negates itself.It therefore is never stable and preformed until that one hour or so long window when the colors blend properly, only to then be rendered nearly invisible.  

I'm also toying with creating a secondary calibration to be projected when its dark out so that the piece is at its optimal point during night events like the opening or the gallery walk. 

We shall see. Exciting stuff!

I still haven't found the best way to photograph it (and from these pics we can rule out iPhone...) So you'll have to take my word for it and believe that they are actually grayer than it seems in these pics and in the video.  I guess you'll have to see it in person!

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