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Saturday, January 5, 2013

UnKnowledge for Untitled


I've been invited to create a projection negation installation piece for this show, called "Untitled,"
curated by Jeanne Brasile and Jennifer Graham-Macht.  Essentially it's a show about nothing - rife with institutional critique and dematerialized art (for instance, Travis LeRoy Southworth's wallpaper of lint particles on a white wall...).  You link to the Press Release here!

If you've been following along on my blog you'll remember my recent work Hyalo, in which I painted a stained glass like form on the wall, then projected onto it in order to optically cancel out the painting.  You'll also remember that, for reasons explained in the post linked above, it turned into something completely different as it failed to be optically negated.

Well, I've been continuing my optics experiments and have figured out how to get the negation to work properly.

painting the colors on the wall (3 of them negated out already)

by blocking the projector you can see the painted colors on the wall beneath

projecting these colors...
...onto this wall painting...

...yields this negation!

And for the record, I haven't yet figured out how to photograph this; in person the subtleties of color you see in the picture are actually non-existent.  For some reason the camera picks up those colors that our eye sees purely as neutral gray.


Here's the piece I'm working on for the show, which I'm titling UnKnowledge.

projected to lay out the painting

masking off the colors to paint them

the finished painting

starting to negate it with projection

One of the challenges of the Walsh Gallery space is its wall of exterior windows, which creates very fluctuant lighting.  What looks perfectly negated at 1pm suddenly is tinted orange at 3pm and so on.  I'm toying with assigning it an optimal viewing time in which it all clicks into place optically, or trying to control the space a bit more for more predictable lighting.

Should be a very interesting show, and I hope you come to the opening on the 24th!
See you there!

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