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Thursday, January 2, 2014

NOW, Luma

Here are some images of my interactive projection and glow paint project, Luma, as well as a few of the exhibition for which it was created: Fuse Art Infrastructure's 3rd installment of concurrent solo exhibitions and projects in the NOW series at The Cigar Factory in Allentown, PA.

To read more about the creation and conceptual background of Luma, go to this post and scroll down to the section beginning "Luma: Arduino." Or, if you haven't arrived at this blog post via my website, click here to see a video about Luma on my site.

The premise of the show series.

Outside my room - Item list, mailing list signup, business cards, and my monograph Unknowing the Unknowable

Outside my room, featuring my 4 pieces from my Cosmos on Gray series

...Two of which were newly created for this show

Inside the room, my two new Hyalo pieces.

The wall opposite the entrance of the room, with Hyalo 2 (Rose) on the left, and Luma in its phosphorescent state on the back wall.

Luma, glowing.

Luma, during the projection of the interactive video

There were several base images it selected randomly from, then superimposing the viewer in real time as a silhouette which reveals a view of the room behind the wall (Brian Wiggins's exhibition)

an example of an image of the Cigar Factory taken from Google street view
the glow produced by the previous image
A similar shot, but as an original photograph
detail of glow

Click here to return to Luma on ericvalosin.com

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