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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Much On Which to Catch Up

Can a title end with a preposition?

...well anyway, I apologize that it's been a while since my last post, and that I've left a few loose ends hanging. This past month has been nightmarish. Just after a whirlwind of exhibitions, traveling, a move, a wedding, and many other "real life" occasions, my wife fell very ill (we're told it's very possible she was about 3 days away from death had we not gotten help when we did). She ended up needing major emergency surgery followed by 10 days in the hospital and a VERY long road to recovery. She's doing very well now, thank God, but the recovery process is a very time intensive uphill battle. Needless to say my attention has been usurped away from blogging for a bit...

I've been keeping as much of a foot in the art world as I can during this time, and I'm extremely thankful for a coincidental break in the action that has allowed me to devote my attention more fully to family right now. I will be trying to catch up on blogging soon, as there is much on which to catch up (and no preposition in sight to end on! ...wait a minute...): My recent installation and accompanying artist talk, discussion forum on Art and Faith, and special contemplative service, as well as 2 very exciting upcoming interviews about my work! Coming up in the fall are still my solo show at Andover Newton Theological School's Sarly Gallery, as well as the continuing ed. class on Art and Worship I will be teaching at Drew Theological School.

I'm looking forward to resuming some normality (not to mention studio hours that don't fall between midnight and the awakening of my bright-eyed, bushy-tailed two year old!). Thank you to those praying for my wife's health. We certainly feel it!

John D. Caputo writes about experience coming alive as experience at all when we reach a limit experience and confront the impossible. This, he says, is the basis for true religion. ...Let's just say things have seemed very religious of late! But that's the beauty of faith. It necessarily exists most when it seems it couldn't possibly, and carries us through to the very experiences that most motivate me as an artist and a human.

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