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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Jolly Good Show

That's British for "check out some pics from my recent show in Cardiff, Wales!"

From last month's exhibit Portfolio, a works on paper group show at Cardiff School of Art and Design's Howard Gardens Gallery.  From what I understand over 800 people came to see the show, and from the looks of things there were some great artists represented.

There it is, my Meditation 1.1 (Thusness, Elseness; Omnipresent), the 4th one in from the corner!
I may be pretty short on posts in the coming weeks ("but you're usually so prolific, Eric!") because of a crunch towards our MFA thesis and Monograph in this last semester, but I'll try to make some brief posts here and there ("oh thank goodness, brevity!") to keep you up to date on my goings on.

This may be small potatoes to some of the more seasoned bloggers out there, but my little ol' blog is approaching 2,000 views ("does that even qualify as a potato at all? Maybe a small turnip...), and I'd love to do something nice in commemoration of that...

(That's British for "have another drink")

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