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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mindbody and Rites of Spring

2 quick exhibition announcements!

Next week, 3/4 through 3/8, I will have a 2 person show up at the MFA gallery at Montclair State University, called Mindbody with artist Natasha Jozi.

In it I'll be doing something a bit new: a performance piece resulting in an installation.  It will engage issues of the ritual of making, a-teleological process orientation, the zen of imperfection, and a posthuman striving to link up with the digital self.

One of my mandala drawings, Meditation 1.1 (Thusness, Elseness; Omnipresent) has been accepted into a juried show called Rites of Spring at the Morris Arts Council, guest curated by Jeanne Brasile.  This one will be up for quite a while, from 3/27 through the end of August. (opening reception at 6 pm on 3/27)

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of both Stravinsky's composition and the infamous Armory Show, Rites of Spring features "work that similarly challenges conventional approaches in media, pushing the limits of traditional uses and processes while addressing themes of transformation, ritual and rebirth to herald the coming of spring."

I hope you can come on by and catch either of the shows!

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