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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Celebrate with some Reader Insight

I have big news, ladies and gentlemen of cyberspace.  Big and largely narcissistic news.  And by big I most likely mean relatively small, but since it's narcissistic in nature I get to claim whatever importance I like.

My little blog here has just passed the 2,000 page view mark!  [...cricket, cricket...]

I know, I know, to all you seasoned bloggers out there this is probably less than a day's worth of traffic, but I'm sure you do things to help that along like, for example, writing about things people actually seek out, rather than just listing big words you've made up to cover how much you don't understand about things.  But frankly, this meta-postmodern mystic would like to exercise his techno-theo-logical, theo-philosophically ethical right to relish the moment.


ok, that's probably enough relishing. (hey, where'd all my readers go?)  I guess if Zen holds true and one should find the self in order to lose the self, the only desirable outcome for a boisterous narcissist would be a humble demise.

Well, in one final self-defeating push for monumentalism, I'd like to commemorate this occasion by posing a question to all of my loyal (or unloyal, or frankly accidental) readers.  If you read this, I welcome you to leave me a comment or otherwise contact me with an answer.  I have a project in mind if this all pans out to something substantial.


1) What would a rock pray for?

2) What deeper thoughts have stumped you recently?

The best part is, if nobody responds, it probably also means that nobody will be reading to find out that was the case anyway! (and if only one person respond, that one person will get to feel extraordinarily valuable for the duration of at least another post!)  Here's to failed experiments in the making.  Cheers!

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