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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shadow Update

I've been back to work on the shadow projection piece once again, so I wanted to post some updated progress.  The shadow video portion of it is now largely finished, and I'll spend the rest of this week trying to finish up the painted portion so that I can edit it all together and get it ready for my gallery exhibit here at MSU in a couple weeks.

I had posted a video of me working on it a while back, but since it ended up all washed out and over exposed, I wanted to give it a second try.  Here's a much more interesting video (unless you enjoy looking at nothing and just pretending to see the progress).  The background music is my iTunes on shuffle, so don't blame me if you hate it.  If you love it then it was totally intentional and integral to the concept.  Enjoy!

Here's another picture of a moment in it's process - an interesting moment; the introduction of this really strange red glow in the video who's origins I can't really figure out.  Maybe it has sensed how long it's been trying to reach a finished state and resorted to self-immolation...  Either way it looks nice.  I wish the glow and dynamism of the projection could be captured in still shots better.  It's quite powerful in person...

Much to be done, and therefore much more to come!

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