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Monday, April 27, 2015

Fourfold - A Collaborative Exhibition

What makes up reality? Is the whole a sum of its parts or could the parts themselves each be containers for the whole? What do we make of interweaving, subjective experiences at their most primary, phenomenological level? Martin Heidegger's "fourfold" plies together the seeming dichotomies of Earth and Sky, Mortals and Divinities, as in fact codependent, relationally intertwined aspects of our dwelling in the world.

In “Fourfold” Christine Soccio, John Spano & Eric Valosin likewise ply together their practices to explore the implications of various perspectives on reality. Soccio’s approach is scientific and pattern based, using irregular, non-repeating patterns in her sculptures and light installations to reveal the underpinnings of an emergent coherence to the world. Spano’s view evokes nature’s reaction to the human infestation, using symbols of environmental contamination such as smoke, hazmat suits, and artificial light. Finally, Valosin delves into the mystical, exploring post-secular society using painting, projection, and interactive new media.

Catalyzed by the similarities in their material approaches, the artists press their differences and incompatibilities into close collaboration, together opening a dialogue about a larger worldview emerging from the “Fourfold” around us.

In this exciting upcoming exhibition Christine, John and I have been holing up in the studio together, collaborating on this dual-site show. The main event will be the three-person show in Newark's Solo(s) Gallery, but meanwhile we will also be rotating out each week with solo projects in the site's sister space, R.Jampol Project(s) in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. What's more, the two sites will be virtually intermingled via live stream video projection.

We've been digging into some of the recurrent themes of each of our practices to examine how they might interact with each other. We've begun mashing together our media of projection, sculpture, text, glow-paint, smoke, and interactive technology, and splicing together Christine's use of aperiodic patterning like the Ammann Grid and Penrose Tiling, my interest in mandala forms and alethic negation, and John's interest in public intervention/activist art, eager to see what emerges...

From our initial site visit to Solo(s)
Side room at Solo(s) - we're planning to reshape the hole in the wall and project into this room as part of our collaborative piece.
Another side room at Solo(s) that will most likely house the live stream video from NY

R.Jampol Project(s) in the LES

As all of us work with light based media, the gallery will become a light box of sorts, viewed from outside

In the heart of the Solo(s) gallery will be a multi-layered, multi-room collaborative projection piece. But besides that, the Newark exhibition will also feature individual projects from each of us. I've got an interactive projection negation piece in the works, as well as a pair of site-relavent QR mandala drawings.

More coming soon...

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