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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stuff to Look Forward To

In the last week or so, quite a few opportunities have come down the pike, giving us (us being you, my hypothetical fanbase, not the royal 'us') much to look forward to in the near future!

Firstly, I'll be collaborating on a project for the Van Vleck Sculpture Gardens in Montclair, with three of my classmates.  The project will seek to engage and illuminate the garden, and will be the first in a hopefully long lineage of projects to establish a relationship between the garden and MSU.  We've been given a large plot of land adjacent to 2 sculptures by Mac Adams.  Some ideas we've been tossing around include a kinetic component that reacts to the weather, giving the sculpture one function in the sun and another in the rain, potentially as a sort of shelter from which to view the garden in a condition not normally experienced by viewers (who goes to gardens in the rain otherwise?).  For this we may include some optics that would direct the viewer to some locations of visual intrigue around the garden via mirrors and camera obscura-like technology.  Anyway, more development sure to come, but that will open sometime early November, hopefully.

Next, I'll be guest-preaching at the end of this month for Trinity United Church's series on reexamining scripture through art.  I'll do what I can to record that sermon and post it here then, perhaps.

Furthermore, I was approached by a curator who came to our recent show at Index for a studio visit to potentially be included in a show in January.  I'll also have my semesterly gallery show at the school in November.

I'm also applying for a few other shows and have some potential opportunities (Including a works on paper show in Europe). I'm drafting a proposal to teach a class/workshop at a collective art space, and having open studios at the school in the next month or so.

As if that weren't enough, I also auditioned (for the heck of it) and was accepted into a barbershop consortium to sing at Carnegie Hall this winter, just for something different!

As I gear up for all of this I'm hard at work in the studio, experimenting with projection-based practices of negation (turning part of my studio into a sort of optics lab), and beginning a series of QR code mandalas that I'm very excited about!

Of course, I'll go into each of these in more depth as they get fleshed out, so look forward to many more announcements and openings!

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