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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The World's Shortest Show and the World's Longest 2 Weeks

Well maybe not technically...

But today, tomorrow, and Wednesday if you hurry over to Montclair State University's Finley Hall you can see my show with Jeremy Bell in the MFA gallery, entitled Pneuma (Breath and Spirit).  The show is coming down a bit early in order to make room for a visiting artist show during our Open Studios this Friday.

If nothing else, Pneuma (Breath and Spirit) can definitely be credited with ambition.  I gave my projection negation technology a first run with a new room-sized installation titled, Of Unseeing: Hyalo, and also included my first completed QR mandala, Meditation 1.1 (Thusness, Elseness; Omnipresent).  Between Jeremy and I the gallery has been transformed into 3 distinct rooms complete with furniture, 3 projections, viewer-controlled variable lighting, painting, drawing, phosphorescence, and even an orange tree, all set musical stylings ranging from Beyonce to Pachelbel!

I'll include some pictures soon.  For now I'm trying to get my feet back underneath me and settle back into some sense of normalcy.

It's been a whirlwind few weeks (literally... ahem, Sandy...) of a nomadic lifestyle.  We finally got power back at our house today, our 15th day without electricity, heat, or water, after bumming on couches in 3 different states among family and good friends (and studios).  After dodging the hurricane and subsequent noreaster, the past weekend was filled with midterm critiques, installation for this show (some 30 hours of sleeplessness...), and now gearing up for Open Studios on Friday.

So I've got much to catch you up on, now that power's back - Pneuma and Open Studios, the completion of the mandala and the projection negation project, as well as an interactive video project in the works.  Also a collaborative project for the Van Vleck Sculpture Garden, a class I'll be teaching at the Collective Art Tank in Asbury Park, and a show coming up in January at Seton Hall's Walsh Gallery.  I'll try to tackle at least one or two of these tomorrow...

For now, here's a teaser:

...for your hair...  What did you think I meant?

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