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Monday, November 19, 2012

Pneuma and Open Studios

I've got a bunch to catch up on, as I said in my last post, so I'll try to be efficient.

This past week my two person gallery exhibit in the MFA gallery with Jeremy Bell, entitled Pneuma (Breath and Spirit) went up, came down, and subsequently traveled (a whopping hundred or so yards) to make room for another show during our Open Studios.  Here's, a walkthrough video, followed by some pics!

I'll post more about the installation and my Hyalo project HERE [this will be a link shortly...]

Outside the gallery, Jeremy's

Because we can't help but re-engineer the gallery space, we divided it into 3 "rooms." Jeremy's first room.

My room, dubbed "the chapel" by classmates

Jeremy's other room, with touch sensitive lighting controlled by a sensor on the chair.  (pretend the pedestal's gone)

Originally intended as a projection negation project.  Theoretically it would have become virtually invisible, only revealed by the shadow of the viewer blocking the projected light that optically cancels the paint on the wall.  Clearly it failed at being invisible because of the paint being slightly glossy and reflecting a shimmering glare, causing it to succeed at something very different!

My latest homemade ceiling mount.  Getting a bit more elegant each time!

the opposing projector - each wall's rose window projection was an inverse of the other.

revealing by concealing

The mandala

Random QR code destination, taking you to a different site every time. (and a slowly disintegrating screen protector...)

THEN, on Friday we had Open Studios.  It was an awesome night, and thanks to all of you who came!    Jeremy and I had the task of transplanting our installation into the workshop at the other end of the building (in one afternoon).  It took a bit of reconfiguring and ingenuity (the fact that my room didn't collapse on anyone is a small miracle in itself) but it came out quite nice!

no ceiling made the install interesting...

outside my studio

inside my studio
It Is, being shown in my studio.  Stills to follow.

Our guest show featuring Jesse Bransford, Saya Woolfalk, and Sarah Walker, among others

So that's all pretty devoid of content (i.e. philosophical mumbo jumbo), but maybe that's for another post.  ...you're welcome?

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