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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Starting to See the Light

At the end of the week I'll be heading up to Massachusetts to install for See the Light, a national juried exhibition of light based artwork at the Attleboro Arts Museum, opening 6/25/14. Those of you who made it out to Untitled at the Walsh Gallery of Seton Hall last year may recognize my projection negation piece UnKnowledge. For this show I will be installing it anew at the museum!

I've been diligently prepping, as I'll only have 2 days there to install (one day to paint and hang the piece and set up the projector, and one to calibrate the projection.), so there's little room to fudge any of the logistics.  It's a daunting task, but one I'm certainly up for. I feel like an olympic sprinter, truing to shave seconds off of each iteration - my first go-round with projection negation at the Walsh Gallery took nearly a month to install, and by the time I got to Gnomon I had it down to one week. Then Tryptich slid down to just over 3 days, and having done this particular piece before and having learned from each past installation, I'm confident I can rise to the task... as long as nothing breaks... [knocks furiously on wooden pedestal]

I've been priming boards, building pedestals - I'm pretty sure I'm about 2/3 artist, 1/3 pedestal craftsman by now - testing technology and gathering hardware. I'll also, for the first time, not be painting on the wall itself, but on a hangable board (though the imagery will still be painted in-situ).

As usual, here are some lovely process shots for you! More to come when I embark northward at the end of the week for install!

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recycling my FUSE: NOW! pedestal, but replacing the tiered top with a cover, and priming the circular board that will become the wall painting.

Ready to sand and paint!
Follow my progress to my next post here!

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