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Thursday, November 10, 2011

MFA Open Studios!

Hey Everyone! (Ahem, Everyone? Are you listening Everyone?  That means you too!  Yes you!  I know, I know- I don't care that you accidentally found this post because of a google typo.  Let's call it fate.  Look, are you listening or not?  Ok fine then, be that way.  Go navigate to your grammatically correct intended destination! Psshh!)

Now then, Hey Everyone (minus Mr. Clumsyfingers)!

MFA OPEN STUDIOS at Montclair State University is happening FRIDAY FROM 6-11!  Check it out - here's a whole bunch of information:

It's not just students either; there will be real people exhibiting too, like Vito Acconci, Julie Evans, Gary Peterson, and others (How's that, Mr. Clumsyfingers?  Bet you wish you stayed on my blog now!)

Hope to see you there! (Even you,  Mr. Clumbsyfingers.)

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