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Friday, October 18, 2013

Openings in Newark and Morristown

Venae Cavae at Aferro

An important note - if you go to see this installation, go after dusk! The projection will not be turned on during the day, and you'll be left scratching your head even more so than normal.

The opening for Aferro Gallery's Activate Market Street was jam packed, and Marc D'Agusto and I got a wonderful response to our collaborative installation, Venae Cavae. If you'd like to, you can track the progress of that piece from its beginning, starting here.

In the mean time, here are some pics and videos from that night. You can experience the piece in person every night through January 15th, at 77 Market Street, Newark, NJ.

Inside Aferro's 85 Market Street venue, which housed a series of concurrent solo shows (and fantastic hors d'oeuvres!)

My 15 month old enjoying the DJ and a cold one. One of the few times I'll encourage him to hit the bottle...

Morristown Art Walk

I also had a great time meeting so many interesting artists and artlovers at the Art Walk the sunday prior. It was a new experience for me to show in this sort of street-vendor manner, but I very much believe it takes all types of events and configurations to engage with the community revitalizing powers of art, which this walk tapped into very successfully. Plus, I enjoy contributing to the range of accessibility and conceptuality of these sorts of events. Kudos to Morristown on the diversity of the represented art! Even in spite of some drizzles, we had a steady flow of visitors, and great conversations!

My display, including 3 pieces from my Meditations series, and 5 from my Cosmos on Gray series, as well as my artist monograph. Many thanks to my fellow venue-mates, who generously helped this art walk rookie with the logistics of his installation...

...I quickly became aware that there's a science to displaying your art at this sort of fair-style event, and it seems the people I shared the venue with had studied this science extensively! We'll just say I was a bit out of my element...

Thanks to all who came out to these recent events! You made it a very enjoyable week!

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