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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Final Fourfold (Four Now...)

Greetings, art fans! As I endeavor to wrap up some posts on Fourfold, my collaborative exhibition with Christine Soccio and John Spano, I wanted in this final post to share some photos and videos from events during the show's run. I promised to be brief, so if you're looking for more explanation, you can mine all these good links of my other posts on this endeavor below!


Fourfold - A Collaborative Exhibition - our first site visit and the beginnings of our concept for the show

Fourfold Collaboration - building and installing the main collaborative installation


Fourfold - Meditation 1.4 - Behind the scenes of my site specific drawings for the exhibition

The Threefold Fourfold, In Twofold Fivefold - Behind the scenes of my fourfold projection negation project


The Finished Fourfold: Collaboration and Multi-Site Exhibition - An overview of the finished exhibition

The Opening, the Freq Show, and Closing talk

The lineup of events began with a spectacular opening reception. Then, in the spirit of collaboration, Fourfold became the setting for a really superb original music/DJ performance by The Freq(uency) Show, featuring live beats, projection visualizations, and a hip hop tap dance collaboration that would knock your socks off (Seriously, check these guys out!). And lastly, we closed out our run with an artist talk. Enjoy!

David Oquendo lending some... inspired thoughts :-)

With that, I fondly bid Fourfold farewell, and I look forward to the next time John and Christine and I might get to work together again! I urge you to check out their work, and go see the Freq Show while you're at it!

Until the next post!

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